Sunday, March 16, 2008

ELI Staff Update: Jane Kiptoo

You may know one of our ELI Kenya staff members named Jane Kiptoo. Jane is married to Bernard Kiptoo, who is the nurse in charge at the Chebaiywa clinic (our local health clinic). They have been married for four years and have one daughter, Mercy Jepkemboi.

Jane was raised and went to elementary and high school in the Chebaiywa community. After completing high school, she spent one year taking care of Joshua Rogers, Don and Amy Rogers firstborn son. Joshua loved his "Auntie Jane" as she took great care of him. She then went to Kericho to study for one year to become a nurse aide. After completing the course, she returned to her community of Chebaiywa when the clinic was just beginning.

In October 2001, Jane obtained a job at the Chebaiwya clinic as a nurse aide. She has worked very diligently for 6 years at the clinic doing a variety of jobs and having a variety of responsiblities. In 2006, Jane was able to attend a one month training to become a VCT counselor (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) and is now trained to counsel and test individuals for HIV.

Jane is an excellent counselor, incredible servant, and a loving mother and wife. She is soft spoken, but also loves to share and laugh together with friends. Jane's desire is to see the clinic fully equipped so they can assist all people.

Since the Kenyan government did away with the role of nurse aide in clinics, Jane had a desire to further her studies to become a nurse. Her prayer in 2005 was "that God will open the door for me to complete my nursing school so I will be recognized by the government." Over the last three years, she applied to several nursing schools and continued to have faith in God that He would answer. In September 2007, she was called for an interview at Pentecostal Church of East Africa (PCEA) Tumutumu Hospital School of Nursing (which is near Nairobi, about 6 hours from home). More than 100 people interviewed for 30 positions, and in October, she received a letter saying that she was one of the 30 who were chosen. We are all grateful to God for this answer to her prayer.

During the post-election violence, we were all concerned wondering whether or not she would be able to attend the school as it is located in an area of a different tribe and traveling the roads to get there was unsafe. However, after much prayer and consultation with the school, she and Kiptoo (her husband) felt that things were okay and they traveled to the school on February 18.

The ELI staff and clinic committee gathered at David's house the Friday evening before Jane's departure for a small party to say goodbye to Jane and pray for her. It was a wonderful time of fellowship as we sent Jane off with God's blessings. We would like to share Jane's prayer requests with you and ask you to lift her and her family up in prayer for the following:

1. Safe travels to school (her husband, Kiptoo, is escorting her so also pray for safe travels as he comes back home). (They traveled to and fro without any incidents.)
2. Peace of heart and mind as she begins school while leaving her daughter, Mercy, and her husband back at home.
3. Good friends at school.
4. Commitment and dedication to her studies.

Jane is taking a Diploma course for Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse which will take 3 1/2 years. She will complete the course in July 2011. We will all greatly miss her as she has been such a vital staff member assisting in all areas. She is responsible, dedicated and committed to serving the community. She is also a gifted teacher and has greatly helped me in training our Traditional Birth Attendants. Jane and her family as well as us appreciate your prayer for Jane and her family.


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