Saturday, July 05, 2008

ELI Small-business Training

~ by Dan Perrine, ELI USA Staff, visiting Kenya

Twenty young adults were honored on July 4th as the first graduating class of Empowering Lives International’s Dynamic Business Start-up Project (DBSP) conducted at the Kipkaren River Training and Development Center.

DBSP was developed by Chris Black in South Africa as a way to empower young Africans living in poverty conditions with business development and management skills to start their own businesses and to sustain them for long-term economic benefit. ELI staff member Wendy Ludovici started DBSP training as part of her work in Nairobi.

A unique aspect of DBSP over other micro-enterprise development programs is the emphasis on God’s power in the trainee’s personal lives as well as in their businesses. To date, over 4,000 South Africans have been trained by DBSP certified trainers and now the program has come to the Eldoret area of Kenya through a partnership with ELI.

The 20 students participated in an intensive 30 days of classroom work where half the time was given to the discussion of theory and the other half to actual application in the community. Starting with their own 500 shillings ($8.06), small teams of students developed practical businesses that turned in profits at the end of the 30 days ranging from $33 to $114.

Nothing motivates like success. These young people now have both the skills and the confidence to return to their homes and start small businesses that will empower both their own families and their communities.

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